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Architecture Honchos Reflect on Atlanta's Design Direction

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Atlanta's still very much a work in progress. That's the takeaway from a panel discussion that involved five of the city's "legacy architects" held recently at the American Institute of Architects South Atlantic Region Conference (whew!). Bill Stanley, George Heery, Jerry Cooper, Stanley Daniels, and Tom Ventulett agreed that Atlanta's moving toward a more aesthetically aware future (a notion supported by Mayor Reed), but there's been past mistakes that will need to be addressed.

Namely, a gigantic ugly expressway that ripped through the city's heart puts a downer on things. Oh, and the fact that the city went through a demolition-happy phase that claimed some of our best buildings leaves us in the position to be extra cautious with our built heritage. With these guys admitting that even a few of their own works deserve to have never happened, it seems Atlanta will always be a lesson in trial and error.

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