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Grant Park Victorian Combines Green with Grand

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[Images via Zillow]

Grant Park makes it easy to live big Victorian style, provided one has the budget. This 1890 double gabled beauty sits at the top of that nabe's market, but it's hard to imagine the buyer having to spend any more cash making improvements. For lack of a more elegant phrase, this $650,000 beauty is tricked out, green style. An Earthcraft certified masterful renovation put the 4/2/2 home in tip-top shape from the classic front porch back to the graveled rear yard. There's lots of moody restored woodwork, period appropriate fixtures, and a killer master suite featuring a sauna; the minor bedrooms are all quirky angles and slopes. It looks like they also hit a home run with the kitchen that's a perfect blend of 19th century gloom and the latest in shiny appliances. Once again, Grant Park disproves the notion that intown's best real estate exists north of Memorial Drive.

· 512 Park Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312 [Zillow]