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A Mondrian-Inspired Mess in the Woods of Vinings

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[Images via Zillow]

Here's an instance of taking a theme and running with it. In this case, the inspiration was Mondrian - not an uncommon look for 1990 when this custom Vinings "retreat" was constructed. The combo of primary colors + black and white is inescapable, from the kitchen down to the rec room. Obviously it's not for everybody. Ignoring the decorating offenses, the home's wooded lot looks perfectly lovely, and at $629,000 it's not terribly priced. But let's take a moment to constructively critique some of these listing photos. First of all, no matter how cute the family dog may be, he doesn't belong in any of the pictures. Second, tidy up a bit! The kid's bathroom is a mess, as are the office and the workshop with its swimsuit model posters on full display. When trying to sell an outdated home, the less visual demerits the better.

· 3240 Laramie Drive, Atlanta, GA 30339 [Clickscape]