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Jonathan Carnright IN as Editor of Curbed Atlanta

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Ladies and gents: it's our distinct pleasure to announce that longtime Curbed Atlanta contributor and recent guest editor Jonathan Carnright is assuming the editor's chair here, effective immediately. Carnright, a self-proclaimed architecture geek, brings a deep passion about Atlanta's neighborhoods to the job as well as a love for walking/biking/transit, powered by iced coffee. He steps into the editor chair that Josh Lindenbaum vacates; all our thanks to Josh for an incredible first year for Curbed Atlanta, and all huzzahs to Jonathan for what lies ahead.

Meantime, as always, your tips and scoops remain the lifeblood of this site. If you've got word on what's going up, what's coming down, or any gossip that you think might tickle us, drop an email to Your anonymity is assured. Reach out and say hello; we'd love to hear from you.