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Fixing the Mistakes of Ansley Park's Street Network

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The first of four improvements to the eastern entrances into Ansley Park is well underway, as you may have noticed if you've tried and failed turning onto the Prado during the past week. When the project's complete in (hopefully) two months, the new granite curbed planted areas will make it a little less easier to fly in and out of the nabe. Ironically, the residents of Ansley Park have been dealing with the repercussions of their original street network for decades. Ansley Park's road plan was designed to provide for easy, leisurely horseless carriage rides, but the wide roads and even wider intersections have made for a frantic traffic situation over the years. Not to mention the barren expanses of pavement take away from the famously picturesque architecture of the neighborhood. The Piedmont Avenue entrance improvements are part of a $3.3M plan to make things better for drivers, pedestrians, and bikers alike, with the added bonus of additional greenspace. Following the Prado's completion, work will move on to Avery, Westminster, and then South Prado. Seems beauty, and traffic safety, is pain for the time being.