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Block Party Planned for One of Downtown's Sketchiest (and Coolest) Strips

Physically, Broad Street between Mitchell Street and MLK, Jr. Drive has the goods; vintage storefronts, wide sidewalks, and street trees set the scene for what could be a lively block. In contrast to the Portman-designed canyons uptown, it's downright charming - if you're able to see past its current depressed state. The Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association hopes to inspire some creative thinking (and maybe investment dollars) next week with its "Brighten Up Broad Street" block party. Their timing will be fantastic, what with the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll nearby and Braves game attendees shuttling through the area. It's the perfect excuse to hang around south of Five Points after sunset, as if you needed one. Speaking of timing, the redevelopment of the nearby Gulch could be the final push the area needs in order to revitalize, granted it doesn't meet wholesale demolition. We couldn't do a better job explaining south downtown's history of issues than last year's stupendous write-up by Thomas Wheatley (that's why you should read it here), but suffice it to say if South Broad Street could regain even half of its former glory it'd be a happening place indeed.

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