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Anyone in the Market for a Free Peachtree Road Mansion?

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The mood has turned urgent regarding the fate of the Randolph-Lucas House, one of the last remaining single family homes on Peachtree Road in Buckhead. The condo association for 2500 Peachtree - the hulking yellow building at Lindbergh Drive whose construction required moving the house forty feet - is fighting to have the home demolished, citing safety concerns. A demolition permit request was already denied but the association appealed, and the matter's set to revisited by the Board of Zoning Adjustment in November. The Buckhead Heritage Society is leading the preservation effort, claiming that the association isn't honoring a maintenance agreement that was reached between the original developer and neighborhood groups. If the permit is granted this time around, 120 days will stand between the house and the wrecking ball unless someone cares to have it moved. Should that occur, let's hope it's done a little more carefully this time around: the association claims that the house wasn't properly attached to its new foundation after the last journey. Transporting it to another site in Buckhead would cost at least $350,000, and the renovations required to bring it up to code would be considerable. But how many people can say they own a house designed by the same architect responsible for the Fox Theatre?

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