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Serenbe Townhome Has All the "Whimsical" Goods

[Images via Atlanta Fine Homes]

Serenbe has redefined the way people think about country living in the South; instead of automatically conjuring images of a secluded farmhouse, the rural lifestyle now encompasses dense(r) housing with highfalutin goodies like yoga studios and art galleries just a stroll away. Perfectly illustrating this expanded mindset is a $699,000 townhouse that features a killer paved courtyard described in the broker babble as "magical." Honestly, we can't argue with that. With a stone gazebo, lighting strung overhead, an outdoor fireplace, and landscaping that's matured since 2007, the setting is sickeningly romantic. The inside of the home is no slouch either, if pretty standard for a home of this price point (well, the repurposed can lights over the kitchen island are Serenbe unique), creating perfectly luxe lodging from which to enjoy the rural good life. We could think of worse scenarios.
· 449 Selborne Way, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268 [Atlanta Fine Homes]