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Castleberry Hill: Hot or Not?

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Has Castleberry Hill lost its luster as Atlanta's arts district? That's the tough question being asked BURNAWAY, and while a definitive yes or no is impossible to pin down, there's no question that things have changed since the 'hood garnered SoHo comparisons from the New York Times in 1992. In 20 years, development has been sporadic, but enough has transpired to take Castleberry Hill from forgotten corner to hotspot and back to uncertainty. On one hand, the Mitchell Street Bridge closure, real estate that was hit hard by the downturn, and occasional conflict from neighborhood residents in regards to partiers put a negative spin on things. Finally snagging a grocer and the possible development of the MMPT point signal that the neighborhood's evolution could be headed in the right direction. With the Goat Farm and Old Fourth Ward in the limelight, it's obvious that CH isn't the only arts game in town anymore, not by a long shot.

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