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Atlanta Lands A (Relative) IT Jobs Explosion!

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Score one for the Big Peach! In a surefire economic boost, General Motors has announced plans to invest $26 million in a technology development center, to be located in a former United Parcel Service Inc. logistics building in Roswell, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports. The 280,000 square-foot building will employ about 1,000 IT workers, such as software developers, project managers, database experts and business analysts, GM honchos announced at Georgia Tech on Thursday. Before UPS, the building was home to furniture maker Herman Miller.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the IT center will be one of four to sprout around the country as GM brings the majority of its IT operations in-house — and in the United States. Why Atlanta? The region's "location, universities and quality of living," said Randy Mott, GM vice president and chief information officer, told the newspaper. "We have done our homework and know Atlanta is a great place to live and work." (Shhh, nobody tell him about traffic). Added a bubbly Gub'ner Nathan Deal: "Georgia is becoming an IT headquarters — we are seeing more and more of such growth." Is that a hint at future deals to come?

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