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Opulent? Gaudy? Buckhead Castle Asks $4.9 Million

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This $4.9 million Buckhead castle, tucked on Northside Drive behind lion statutes and palm trees, transports us to many places: The Playboy mansion (see the Romanesque pool), the Paris hotel in Las Vegas (see the dinning room ceiling), and less desirably to Aladdin, retirement homes for the filthy rich, and Suge Knight's house. There's a fine line between opulence and cringe-worthy gaudiness, and this Stephen Fuller-designed property pole-vaults over it. While that's all a matter of taste, we've seen this aesthetic have difficulty selling at nearby mega-properties. Built in 1994, the home has five bedrooms, seven baths, a guest suite and a cozy, terrace-level bar/theater with seating for 20. For all its kitsch, the billiards room could be our favorite.
· 4670 Northside Drive NW [Estately]