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Roswell Eyes the Beltline, Plans Linked Trail 'Loop'

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As the Beltline is proving, a little connectivity goes a long way. And lest you think that that sentiment is confined ITP, think again; it turns out the 'burbs also want their own little slice of non-car transportation bliss, one North Fulton city in particular. New Urban Roswell helpfully reminded us that a not-so-little plan was hatched back in 2006 for a "Roswell Loop" with the potential for stitching together the generally sprawl-ridden area into something a little less...disjointed. Roswell already has a nice collection of bike trails, but what about if one didn't have to drive in order to use them?

In a nutshell, a system of five multi-use trails would provide links between parks, schools, and subdivisions. We're talking the entire breadth of the city, from the Chattahoochee River up to North Fulton horse country. Ambitious, no doubt, but the key would be baby steps. Prioritization is the name of the game.

Already, at least three segments are under way that emphasize connecting schools to one another and to recreational facilities. And for good reason: If anyone's at a disadvantage in our auto-dependent society, it's the kiddies. New Urban sees the system taking lessons from the Beltline, such as incentivizing developers and property owners, along with branding and possibly a PATH partnership. Even partial realization would set Roswell apart from our typical 'burbs. Sounds like progressive thinking.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Jonathan Carnright

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