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Readers Crown One Neighborhood Atlanta's Best

Nearly 3,000 votes were cast in the Curbed Cup 2012 tournament showdown between neighbors Old Fourth Ward (1) and Inman Park (3). Just 87 votes determined the winner. Here's a hint: Our sacred (fake) trophy and one year's worth of subsequent glory is trading hands this year.

In what will be a surprise to no one who followed this tournament of neighborhood excellence, Old Fourth Ward has bested the competition, and as the Best Neighborhood in Atlanta, now possesses the coveted (fake) Curbed Cup trophy for 2012. We congratulate O4W supporters on their victory. Though evidence of a cookie-clearing campaign was spotted on our radars, the mobilization of 04W hordes in the voting process testifies to the strength of this resurgent community. As national media has documented, O4W is a neighborhood on the upswing, offering a burgeoning slate of attractions for people as disparate as foodies, history buffs, hipster revelers, joggers and skateboarders. Like last year's champion, Inman Park, the neighborhood is a fine representation of the best Atlanta has to offer. Hats off to everyone for their votes and enthusiasm.