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That Ugly Fencing on the Beltline? It's Sticking Around

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Beltline acolytes will have to deal with the silt fences marring its landscape for a little while longer. Although the Beltline's Eastside Trail — which runs from 10th and Monroe all the way down through Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward — has been complete for a few months now, the landscaping job isn't quite done. Ethan Davidson, Atlanta Beltline Inc. director of communications, told Curbed Atlanta that the related silt fencing, which runs along much of the trail, is likely to be around for a while. "The grasses seen on site today are temporary and planting of native grasses and wildflowers will continue through the spring," Davidson said. "The silt fencing must remain until the final plantings are successfully installed and the soil is stabilized."

When the fencing gets the boot is basically in nature's hands. Davidson could offer no concrete timeframe for removal of the temporary fencing (or the completion of landscaping projects) along the Eastside Trail, which is the first re-opened leg of the 22-mile stretch of old rail corridors encircling the city. The Beltline HAS gotten substantially greener in recent months, though, thanks to a huge effort by Trees Atlanta. The local nonprofit announced in October plans to plop down more than 600 trees along the Eastside Trail, and (with the help of volunteers) has already gone a long way toward doing so.

On the bright side, "native grasses and wildflowers" and the leafing of all those planted trees sound like something to look forward to, come spring. Our prediction: a picnic outbreak.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep