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Evander Holyfield's Foreclosed, 109-Room Palace

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Selling a home for $7.5 million usually calls for champagne — but not if you're Evander Holyfield and you owe nearly twice that much on the property. The former heavyweight champ sold his palatial Fayette County estate with 109 rooms last year in a public auction to a bank, which his attorney softly described as "technically part of a foreclosure." The famed 54,000 square-foot mansion sits on 235 acres, has a bowling alley and theater and costs more than $1 million annually to maintain, Holyfield once told the AJC. On his website, Holyfield boasts of making more than $230 million in the boxing ring, but child support cases in Georgia, Texas and California — in additional to the general drying up of boxing royalties — took a heavy toll.
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