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Auctioned Off: The Michael Vick Experience

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The subject of Whale Flops — that is, Atlanta's high rollers making blunders of real estate investments — naturally leads to Duluth's Sugarloaf Country Club, where a disgraced Michael Vick finally sold this home in 2009 for about 20 percent less than he'd paid for it. The eight-bedroom, 20,000 square-foot manse, with ceilings that soar to 35 feet, is among Sugarloaf's most celebrated estates. As Vick was serving 23 months for his role in a dogfighting conspiracy, the home went to auction for a minimum of $3.2 million — but nobody, uh, bit. It's a safe bet the massive "No. 7" emblems in the carpet, representing Vick's jersey number, added a touch of stigma at the time. Property records show Vick bought the home in April 2005 at the height of his Falcons popularity for $3.77 million. It finally sold in December 2009 for $3 million. Who's laughing loudest? The original owner who sold the home to Vick — at a 331 percent markup from the 2001 purchasing price, which was $875,000.

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