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This Eye-Popping Buckhead Showplace Wants $11.5M

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When asking prices venture north of $10 million dollars in Atlanta, we expect a certain level of wow that usually trends toward laughably tacky opulence, in the vein of that whole "Southern Sheik" aesthetic. But once in a while our ultra-expensive properties are smart, restrained, stunning. In Buckhead's Tuxedo Park, it appears we've found an example of the latter, but it's tough to say if the $11.5 million ask is justified. Explorers of these 16,000 square feet will find seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, five fireplaces, an elevator, a sleek screening room with cutting-edge McIntosh audio equipment and a two-story living room suited for a Cinderella escape. Outside, see the hand-cut stone exterior and slate roof system, a 70-foot pool, guest suite and a pretty loggia. The broker assures us "this residence is the Ferrari of luxury real estate in Atlanta", but is the sticker price inflated? · 421 Blackland Road NW [Estately]