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Luxe Condo Block Envisioned For Ansley Park

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For further proof the new-construction condo building isn't totally extinct in Atlanta, see the corner of Piedmont Avenue and 15th Street in Ansley Park. Miller Lowry Developments and Kim King Associates plan to build a condo community of just six homes across the street from Piedmont Park called "Ansley Green," with prices for two-bedroom units starting in the low $600,000s, a rep tells Curbed Atlanta. Elsewhere in Midtown, another modestly sized building called "Seventh" is offering 23 condos, with prices starting in the same neighborhood (mid-$600,000s). As with the Ansley development, units in the nine-story Seventh will have at least two bedrooms, developers Robin Loudermilk and Dwight Bell have said.

Plans call for Ansley Green to offer a leafy rooftop terrace with a resident lounge and bar. At roughly 1,800 square feet, units will be roomy. Abby Perez, a King Real Estate Advisors broker, said the project is in permitting phases and has yet to break ground. Perez said she secured a reservation Monday and is expecting two more this week. Could it be proof that the condo market is heating up again, little by little?

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