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1925 EAV Charmer Boasts Chicken Coop, Giant Workshop

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One look at the wide, stocky porch on this 1925 bungalow, and you'll know they don't build 'em like this anymore. Easy stumbling distance from East Atlanta Village, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom brick-fest pulls off that most difficult feat: feeling simultaneously modern and inviting. The ask is $339,900, keeping it within reach for many buyers when similar homes in nearby 'nabes would not be. The 2,066 square-foot space is versatile, and the backyard (which could be in Dothan, Alabama) includes a dang chicken coop and two-story workshop (with actual plumbing!) It's difficult to tell what material the yellowish kitchen cabinets are made of, but even those seem to work, in the way they boost the cottagey warmth. Buyers without kids might have to invest elbow grease in purging the home of its planetary wallscapes. Unless they're weird.
· 628 Gresham Ave. [Estately]