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$400,000 Buys Alleged House In Virginia-Highland

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Should it be considered a red flag when the first words of a listing scream: "Location, Location, Location!!" It's hard to say, being that the Virginia-Highland property advertised here is barely visible, what with the Crepe Myrtle jungle. The listing agent assures us this 1920 bungalow is perched atop the highest point in Va-Hi — or, in their words, the "best location in Atlanta" — and within walking distance of watering holes. What's known is that $400,000 bags two bedrooms, one bathroom, a cozy/dinky screened porch and a neglected little backyard. The square footage is anyone's guess, as is the condition of the interior beyond the living room. Maybe the most honest bit of information is this line in the description: "Ready for a little TLC."
· 932 Highland View NE [Redfin]