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Free Friday Shindig Has Transit, Urban Renewal In Mind

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Tomorrow night, the intersection of Fairlie and Poplar streets in downtown Atlanta will be going all Lionel Richie Video. The launch of Elevate Week 2013 will pack the streets with innovative, professional dancing — and it's all very relevant to the ongoing rejuvenation of urban Atlanta. Each year, Elevate picks an area of downtown to "reclaim" for a week; the objective is to show how art can impact and enliven an otherwise overlooked section of the city. According to organizers, this year's theme — "Transit: Time, People & Places" — is appropriate, given the "current streetcar project and the extensive growth the city is seeing with regard to public transportation and urban accessibility."

So, from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, expect everything from global drum performances to a combined dance-off by troups RemoteKontrol and Dragonhouse of "So You Think You Can Dance?" fame. The grand finale begins at 9 p.m., when deejays, backed by professional theatrical lighting, will give downtown "an outdoor dance club like no other before," Elevate's website promises, adding: "These streets are narrow, beautiful and we can't wait to get down in them."
· Opening night information [Elevate Atlanta 2013]
[Compilation image via Elevate Atlanta]