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Could This Be Progress On Long-Delayed Midtown Tower?

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It appears demolition has begun on the site of a long-delayed Midtown tower project. Or maybe that's conjecture? This much is clear: Work to raze the homes on the 13th Street lot between Juniper Street and Piedmont Avenue began over the weekend and, as of Wednesday night, was quickly approaching the abandoned apartments next door. If you don't remember, this is the (relatively tight) space where developer Tivoli pitched a 25-story apartment tower as far back as 2008, casting it aside for years before apparently restarting fundraising this summer. The folks at Tivoli haven't responded to inquiries — and typically don't, regarding this project — but it's probably safe to assume the work done this week has something to do with their plans.

As far as unconfirmed, Curbed-created rumors go, this development was a pretty good one, as reported in July: According to a webpage created to help raise equity, the tower is tentatively dubbed Yoo on the Park. That's significant because a design group called yoo (yes, they prefer it lowercase) that prides itself on "landmark residential and hotel projects" may very well be involved to some extent. Their work is pretty impressive, super modern and covers a wide spectrum.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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