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Official: When Tolls Die, Ga. 400 Traffic = Crapshoot

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The good news: As the Georgia Department of Transportation had promised earlier, the Ga. Highway 400 tollbooths are scheduled to shut down on Nov. 21, meaning that maddening trips to Perimeter Mall for holiday gifts will be $1 cheaper. The potentially bad news: An official with the State Road and Tollway Authority tells Reporter Newspapers that once the tolls come down, traffic conditions are anyone's guess. Studies have suggested an increase in traffic will happen, but it's basically up in the air until the tolls actually vanish.

Maybe more drivers will flock to the highway once it's free, including a new stream of motorists from an Interstate 85 northbound ramp that's scheduled to open in January? Or maybe the absence of tolls will alleviate Ga. 400's current stop-and-go clog? It's a crapshoot. Either way, expect demolition of the toll plaza to begin in early 2014. We're curious: Is anyone out there planning to use Ga. 400 now that it's free? Conversely, is anyone planning to avoid it for the same reason?

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[ABOVE: Barrier photo illustration via Reporter Newspapers]