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Holyfield's Absurd Former Manse Is Heading To Auction

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Dust off those auction paddles, folks — Evander Holyfield's former mansion is going to the highest bidder. Called "Villa Vittoriosa," this is the largest single-family residence in Georgia, and it could sell for a fraction of its appraised value. To recap: The "Real Deal" hasn't lived at the Fayetteville estate since he lost it to foreclosure last year, at which point he owed $14 million. Initially, creditors tried to recoup $8.5 million for the 104-acre parcel on Evander Holyfield Highway (where the champ's winged crest still graces the entry gates), but the price later dropped to $7.5 million. The 1994 villa includes some absurd features that, in hindsight, seem destined to bankrupt even high-earning Holyfield.

The manse has adequate space for a family to grow into. That is, a dozen bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a three-story foyer, a dining room with space for 100, a bowling alley, baseball field with a lighted scoreboard and an indoor swimming pool. But the chef-d'oeuvre is the ridiculous, 350,000-gallon outdoor swimming pool — among the largest in the United States.

According to, bidding will start next month at $2.5 million. Bidders must lay a deposit of $10,000, which hopefully is refundable. Appointment-only viewings of the property begin Oct. 26. The home's profile has risen since Holyfield's departure. Aside from its viral listing photos, the home has been feature on shows like "Drop Dead Diva." And for a cavernous gaud-fest, the overall aesthetic isn't that bad.

· 794 Evander Holyfield Highway []
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