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Rare 3-Bedroom Condo In Midtown Gets Chopped Again

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To appease the baseball gods, Chop Week continues right now, and this one's a double-chopper: Perched high in Midtown's Luxe condo tower, this three-bedroom unit with expansive views carries a wilting price tag. Three-bedroom condos are somewhat rare in this part of town, and especially in high-rise buildings, which makes the twice-chopped price of this 1,887 square-foot specimen rather puzzling. In June, the property listed at $695,000, but having dropped to $639,000, it's sniffing the territory of smaller Midtown condos with one less bedroom. A few months ago, we heard rumblings about this proposed tower blocking views in the area, but nothing was confirmed. Anyhow, the unit also boasts two and a half bathrooms and a storage unit. Piedmont Park is mere seconds away. The 2008 building offers a concierge, a dog walk and the genius inventions that are guest suites. Although, with that third bedroom, the latter amenity might be overkill.
· 222 12th St. Unit 1802 [Zillow]