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Mondo, Ancient Cabbagetown Complex Asks $629K

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Steps from charming Cabbagetown Park sits this humongous, seven-bedroom complex that includes an in-law suite and an ancient storefront reborn as a one-bedroom apartment. Built in 1890, this place is Mesopotamian by Atlanta standards. Stylistically speaking, it runs the gamut from Victorian gingerbread to bricky Italian villa. We're told the seller restored these 4,300 square feet and lived here until relocating out-of-state. What's more, he rakes in $4,350 in monthly rental income, which should be enough to cover a note for the $629,000 ask, for whatever that's worth. The main house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and all original trims, doors and floors. She's a beauty, but a lot to handle.
· 151 Estoria St. SE [Estately]