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Public Cash For Luxe Midtown Tower? (And A Rendering?)

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Tax money may be in the plans to help fund a long-delayed luxury tower in Midtown. By way of semi-educated conjecture, we've kept tabs on the lot at 207 13th St., a relatively small parcel among several towers, between Juniper Street and Piedmont Avenue. In that tradition — and thanks to a tipster and a bit of old-fashioned digging — it now appears that bonds from the Atlanta Development Authority may be used to finance the majority of a mixed-use high-rise on that spot. This would be interesting for a lot of reasons, but mainly because the ADA (also known as Invest Atlanta) has typically used its powers to do things like promote affordable housing, help under-served populations and encourage growth in undeveloped areas. None of that, clearly, would be achieved by helping a luxury apartment tower squeeze onto a 0.85-acre lot in the heart of Midtown. Several ADA officials didn't return email requests for comment on the project.

For one unconfirmed reason or another, dirt was moved at the 13th Street site within the last few weeks. According to newly obtained documents, it's possible that construction could begin on the project by the end of the year. Originally proposed by developer Tivoli in 2008, the project's latest incarnation appears to be a 245-unit tower with 1,200 square-feet of retail. The development — believed to be dubbed Yoo on the Park — could be quite modern (at least inside). Seen above, there may now be an actual rendering. Tivoli officials have not returned requests for comment.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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