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Glimpses Of ATL's Most Annoyingly Vacant Spaces

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Adjoining empty buildings at 142 Auburn Ave. downtown.
Adjoining empty buildings at 142 Auburn Ave. downtown.

To the casual observer from older, denser cities, Atlanta can appear to be full of gaps. Holes. Vibrancy interruptions. In the grand scheme of the world's cities, Atlanta is still a pimple-faced, spread-out adolescent. And though it's made strides to come together in recent years and function as a single interconnected organism, much work remains to be done, as evidenced by today's Visual Journey. Outsiders might find it hard to believe these hollow buildings and vacant lots border modern-day Atlanta's most lively districts. Some properties seem doomed by a dearth of parking; in the case of others, it can't be long until the right idea finds the right market conditions. So this is a random sampling of sorely unoccupied spaces in our fair city. Please, share ideas for filling these properties with life, and let us know what buildings/lots/entire streets we missed.
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[All photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]