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Why Does This Buckhead Condo Cost Less Than $100K?

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It's not often a two-bedroom, two-bath condo with heated floors pops on the market for sub-$100,000 in Atlanta. Such is the case with this crisp, retro unit in the heart of Buckhead's "Platinum Corridor," whatever the hell that means. This begs the question: Why so cheap? The ask is $99,900. While the condo might not be swimming with cutting-edge design, it's definitely turnkey, with a renovated kitchen, custom walk-in closet, flowing floor plan, tastefully old-school bathrooms and a little area for introverted bookworms. Maybe the Achilles' Heel is sky-high HOA dues, you say? Nope. Those work out to about $60 monthly. No parking? Nope. Includes covered parking, plus a storage space. It's tiny, right? No dice — she's in the neighborhood of 1,200 square feet. The 1955 building looks a bit like Beaver Cleaver's grade school gymnasium, but at least it's got soul. Must be an Indian voodoo cemetery under these shiny wood floors.
· 2520 Peachtree Rd Unit 108 [Estately]