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Little To Love In This Buckhead Ranch (Except The Land)

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Make no mistake: This 1947 rancher in North Buckhead is going down soon. Land in the area is too valuable for anything less than a McMansion, and the $450,000 price tag makes it attractive for putting up just such a house. So in all honesty, it feels a little wrong to rag on a home that for all intents and purposes is lying on its deathbed. But we'll do it anyway. While a modern house from this period is somewhat valuable in Atlanta from a historical standpoint, there's not much going on visually to warrant its preservation. The visual you get from the street is a four-car garage behind a giant concrete slab. There aren't any of the nifty interior features people crave in midcentury homes, unless you count the shiny bamboo wallpaper covering one of the bathrooms. Everyone's favorite room, the kitchen, dazzles with its orange Formica counters and appliances that span the decades. Sorry 5049 North Ivy ... your days are numbered.
· 5049 North Ivy Road NE [Zillow]