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In Morningside, $649K Buys Mid-Century Modern-Esque

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This 1959 home might not have the sexiest geometry Atlanta has to offer from the mid-century era, but there's still plenty of appeal. For starters, it's nestled in Morningside and boasts more than 2,200 square feet, with a yard large enough for great herds of children. Though five decades old, it's crisply updated with an eat-in kitchen and a swanky, screened-in porch to compliment the massive deck. Of course, you'll pay for all of this; the ask is $649,000. Apparently, nobody ever got around to finishing the basement, but a blank slate can be a good thing. Another highlight: the gargantuan tree house around back that could sleep the in-laws. But if it's sexiness you seek from your Atlanta mid-century mods, have a look at these fine specimens.
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