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Changing Landscapes: Inside ATL's Burgeoning Beer Scene

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Thanks to a few loosened laws and the entrepreneurial spirit Atlanta's known for, the local suds scene has morphed from "Craft Beer Desert" to "Burgeoning Craft Beer Oasis" in a flash. So this seemed like an opportune time to explore what the craft-beer hullabaloo means to the physical landscape around here. From the soaring steel tanks of SweetWater Brewery (see above), to a nondescript brick building in Grant Park, the craft movement is changing Atlanta and offering sophisticated drinking options like the city's never seen. Ordering local means more than SweetWater 420 these days. The list isn't all-inclusive (hurry up, Wild Heaven, with that Avondale Estates brewery) but it's safe to say the local beer scene is just getting started, too.
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[All photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]