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In Inman Park, Key West-Style Cottage Asks $322K

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The good news: Here's a rare opportunity to own a freestanding home in Inman Park for less than $350,000 — or at least one without a San Andreas Fault in the foundation. The not-so-good news: The home is not a sprawling Victorian or burly craftsman bungalow, the choice homes Inman Park is known for. It's a tight 1,162 square feet, a smidge smaller than some two-bedroom condos in the area. Back to the good news: This 1922 home, a rare Key West-style cottage, has personality for miles, and with some creative restructuring could feel much larger. It's a bona fide two-bedroom, two-bath property, asking $322,900 on one of IP's more funky streets. Upstairs, there's a large master bedroom, with a bonus loft space for an office or nursery; out front there's a nice porch, and out back a leafy but small yard with a goldfish pond. It'd make a swinging bachelor pad, but a growing family might find themselves literally knocking into each other.
· 816 Virgil St. [Redfin]