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Ansley Park: Home Of The $850K, Wallpapered Fixer-Upper

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Have a gander at this $850,000 Ansley Park home with pink carpeting, purplish pocket doors and wallpaper to match your great-grandmother's Sunday worst. A Good Housekeeping wet dream, the aesthetic is more arthritic than vintage, and the heat source is, seriously, steam. Mean-spiritedness aside, let's keep in mind that this 1906 property is a historical diamond in the rough, which famed local architect Philip Shutze — the creative force behind the Swan House and other Atlanta treasures — renovated in the 1930s. As is, the home offers five bedrooms, a library and 11-foot ceilings, culminating into what the listing agent accurately calls, "Good bones for renovation." Unfortunately, there's a wart of an upstairs addition on the home's face. The kitchen cabinets look like real wood — but you can also look right through them, because they are mostly glass. And sorry, but the wooden tank of a television in the sunroom harkens those TBS Braves games of 1988. Yes, we're probably ragging on the beloved home of Atlanta's nicest, most regal old lady, so let's end with a positive reminder: This could be a choice property in a nabe that can't get much more established.
· 48 Peachtree Circle [Redfin]