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Owner: Historic O4W Property Isn't Exactly For Sale. Yet.

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The marketing signs at the corner of Glen Iris Drive and Ralph McGill Boulevard state that an entire city block (1.55 acres) is "available," but the owner tells Curbed Atlanta that doesn't mean the property is currently for sale. Harold Wyatt, of Wyatt Realty Company, said the property and its historic building are 100 percent leased by a tenant in the film industry and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The building was in "extremely poor" condition when Wyatt acquired it, and no changes are planned while the current tenant is there. That being said, Wyatt's group is talking to the city about an appropriate zoning for the property, which he says is "going very amicably." Rumors that a storage facility will be built there were baseless, Wyatt said.

Decades ago, the brick building that faces Glen Iris Drive housed a Creomulsion Cough Syrup factory but had fallen into disrepair. It sits a few blocks from Historic Fourth Ward Park and the adaptive-reuse Goliath that is Ponce City Market. Wyatt said he can't predict what may come of the property, "but some commercial or residential use makes sense."

As for the marketing sign, it's there "simply to let tenants and users know of the property's future availability, which will occur at an undetermined point in time subject to the existing lease," Wyatt wrote in an email. He declined to give an estimate on what the price may be.

Several properties in the neighborhood need to be improved or redeveloped, Wyatt said, "and we're planning to do our part with this asset when the property becomes available for more investment ... We appreciate the property and the Old Fourth Ward."

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