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(Small Piece Of) Ponce City Market Officially Finished!

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Sure, it's merely a parking lot, but part of Ponce City Market is officially done. Final improvements are under way at the corner of North Avenue and Glen Iris Drive, in addition to a small parking lot (for Dancing Goats Coffee and the temporary retail store) that is open for good. A Glen Iris entrance to the parking lot is closed permanently for construction of a new plaza, which sounds fairly cool. The overall project clearly has a ways to go, but this is positive news. Last we heard from PCM folks, office, retail and some restaurants will start to open in mid-2014. Other aspects to watch for: a signaled crosswalk to Historic Fourth Ward Park and a possible vintage amusement park on the roof. Let's play trifecta: In terms of finishing, how would you slot Ponce City Market, Buckhead Atlanta and Krog Street Market?
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