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The Glorious/Sad/Funny Classified Ads Of Atlanta Past

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When it comes to advertising Atlanta apartments, times have seriously changed, and that could be a good thing. In eras long before Craigslist and Airbnb, apartment holders relied on the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Journal to spread word of rental opportunities. And sometimes, they got very specific. Imagine the backlash if a landlord in 2013 specified that he'd rent to "straight only" or non-drinkers. Imagine the money to be made on letting condos and apartments if the Olympics came back (some Atlanta landlords clearly banked in 1996). To gauge the tectonic changes in ATL rental culture, we burrowed deep into the microfiche annals at a wonderful, nostalgic place called the library. What we found was equal parts hilarious and shocking, which describes this city's 1980s love affair with carpet.