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Questionable Offers From The ATL Renting World

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The Internet teems with questionable rental arrangements. And for Atlantans in search of a cheap room or house, the sketchy options are bountiful. Like the Airbnb deal, for instance, that describes a Bedford Pine nightly rental as luxurious and walkable to anywhere. Or like the guy (see the jump, and the photo at right) who is offering a rent-free room (with a 32-inch flatscreen!) to any woman in Atlanta, provided she is "happy" and free of drama. Here we take a quick, suspicious look at rental offers across the metro. But keep in mind, these could be legitimate and financially responsible living options. Or not.

This is a rental price — free — that literally can't be beat, unless you somehow finagle a deal that pays you for the honor of your occupancy. But still, ladies, does this sound like a good idea? Here is the Craigslist description, in full:

FREE RENT, cable & wifi, for young female (Southside)

"im a 24 year old college student and im also in the army reserve. im looking for a young, nice , happy female of any race who likes to have fun, go out, watch movies, maybe even cook etc. no drama, no drugs. 2 bdr, very clean house.

u can live here for free for as long as u want. u wont have to pay for anything. i have cable and wifi internet, washer/dryer. u will have ur own room and its fully furnished with bed, 32" flat screen tv, etc. if u like my pics then send a few pics of urself and ur # so we can talk about it."


This "brilliantly pink room for rent" in Stone Mountain is marketed as if the wall color is a good thing. But $500 rent (plus $250 refundable deposit) includes basic in-room cable and "security." Good luck finding that deal on Piedmont Park.


This basic but doable Norcross pad sits on a bus line in what the landlord describes as a great neighborhood off Beaver Ruin Road. The questionable aspect is that they claim this $300/month rent is the cheapest furnished room on all of Craigslist. That's pretty damn cheap, but still. One drawback: They stipulate that "heavy drinking" is forbidden.