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Seller: Shhh! Keep This Blatant Apartment Listing A Secret

Could this be the most underhanded Zillow apartment listing of all time? A collection of low-slung, modular-like rentals is for sale on Clay Street in Kirkwood for $350,000. The seller dangles this carrot, "L@@K $5261.00 a Month Cash Flow!" which sounds fine and good. Who couldn't use a $5,000 monthly bump, right? But there's a caveat for any curious buyer who might go poking around the 1990 development: "DO NOT DISTURB TENANTS! THEY DO NOT KNOW PROPERTY IS FOR SALE!" Yowzers. Sounds like the landlord assumes his/her tenants don't have Internet, and he/she's trying to pull a fast one. Anyhow, the listing has lingered for more than 150 days, even though the price has dropped a cool $100,000 since the original listing.
· 198 Clay St. NE [Zillow]