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First Phase Complete On 'Atlanta's St. Louis Arch'

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The first phase of Atlanta's most important new landmark — if you ask the owner, at least — is complete. The overall project, though, is running behind. Framing was completed Tuesday on the Corey Tower, that tall, white, Downtown Connector-facing smokestack near Martin Luther King Drive. That means the stage is set for the main attraction: That bombastic 25-by-80 foot electronic billboard, which owner Bill Corey has compared to the St. Louis Arch, the Statue of Liberty and the Space Needle.

Alas, there are still no project renderings available for public viewing, Corey President Diane McIver said this week. Amid promises that they're working on getting those together, McIver said the installation of the LED billboard was largely weather-dependent and running behind a rough Jan. 1 finish date at this point. Progress hinges heavily on wind conditions. Once completed, the board will be one large sign with a roughly 45-second read.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

[ABOVE: Tower photo via Corey Airport Services]

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