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From Bottom To Top: Renting At Midtown's 'Atlantic'

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Come aboard the U.S.S. Atlantic — we're going to the penthouse, baby! Since Atlantic Station's 47-story, Art Deco edifice reigned supreme in our rental tower face-off earlier this week, we decided to take a closer look. Rental rates within a single building can range from reasonably cheap to really expensive — and The Atlantic certainly embodies that. The tower's 401 units offer 24/7 concierge and some show-stopping views, plus walkability to Atlantic Station's improving slate of retail and dining options. Based on current rental data, it looks like it'll cost north of $1,600 to get in the door, but that's for a relatively spacious 1,130 square-foot one bedroom (much smaller units in lesser buildings are renting for more). But true Atlantic ballers should look higher — and be prepared to fork over nearly $7,000 monthly.

The Atlantic's cheapest plan (above) offers a long living room and balcony, with 1,130 square feet. Currently, it costs between $1,698 and $1,760 to bag one of these.


In the middle-range, we find this "J" unit with a cavernous 2,090 square feet. It could offer a fair amount of privacy for several renters, with three bedrooms and just as many baths. Rents are currently about $3,100.


The Atlantic's big-daddy baller apartment is called "P-7" and it consumes nearly 3,200 square feet across two levels, which is comparable to a large house. Just two bedrooms and two and ½ baths here, but with a $6,842 rent, we'll go out on a limb and guess the views ain't too shabby.

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Atlantic Station

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