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Key Slice Of Emory Village (The Gas Station) Asks $2.5M

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In the heart of Emory Village, a key slice of real estate is up for grabs — if the hands grabbing for it have $2.5 million dollars, that is. Let's face it, it's about time for change at the corner of North Decatur and Oxford roads. As the immediate area has been spruced up with a fancy roundabout and a healthy infusion of dining, this 1934 relic has squatted across the street, feigning insignificance. The Emory Village has momentum going for it, and this project could change the dynamic.

The .22-acre property comes with zoning rights that would allow for a four-story building with street retail. Could we see a mini mixed-use development rise from the grave of gas pumps? One tipster hopes not. "(I) would love to see something like Alons or Parish Market go into that space," the tipster writes. "Ideally it would not be blown out to a four-story building."

What say you?

· 1574 N DECATUR, Decatur [MLS Finder]

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