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Does Location Trump This Townhouse's 80s-ness?

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This 1987 townhouse could put the "location, location, location" mantra to the test. But then again, if buyers can look beyond the blatantly Reagan Era exterior, the tri-level interior is more than sufficient, especially if you like angles. And if you like walking two minutes to Piedmont Park. The Yorkshire Townhomes unit offers three bedrooms and three bathrooms for $325,000. Note the vaulted ceilings, grilling terrace and bountiful natural light. Ansley Mall and the soothing Atlanta Botanical Gardens are easy strolls away. All this raises the question: Does the curb appeal of a townhome or condo really, truly matter, if the location is prime? Hmm.
· 1467 Monroe Drive, Unit 1467 [Estately]