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Delayed Oakhurst Streetscape Project Should Launch Soon

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Don't freak out if the streets of central Oakhurst start to transform in a few months. Planning for a streetscape beautification project that will install new sidewalks, lighting and trees began seven years ago, but complications with federal funding have brought delays, Decaturish reports. At long last, the spruce-up should begin by late spring or early summer. The focus will be on the heart of Oakhurst's business district, at the intersections of Oakview Road, East Lake Drive, West Hill Street and West Benson Street. The mayor says the objective is to make Oakhurst safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, but the project's been so long in the making, many newer residents (and there are plenty) won't know what the heck is going on.
· After seven years, city ready to begin Oakhurst streetscape [Decaturish]