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This Double-Decker 'Cottage' Is Seeking $255,000

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It's not every day a two-story cottage crosses the Atlanta-real-estate radar, but this Grant Park charmer appears to be just that. With the white-picket fence, tranquil porch swing and a circa-1920 aesthetic, it's a surprise that this home is merely 20 years old. Nothing about it signifies the Grunge Era, though. The renovation across these 1,284 square feet appears pretty slick. It's asking $255,000 and has the crucial third bedroom families want (but the public school district many don't). A unique bonus is the huge wraparound porch on the upper level, which screams for some sweet-tea sippin'. Tucked just south of Interstate 20, it's a couple of easy blocks from the neighborhood's eponymous park, which could be Atlanta's most underrated green space.
· 336 Glenwood Avenue SE [Muffley & Associates]

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