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For $649K, This Midtown Classic Summons Charleston

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There's nothing like an old house that embraces its funky angles. And this mondo Midtown home has them in spades. It also has 3,800 square feet, with four fireplaces dotted throughout. This Charleston-style two-story was built back in 1925, but it was ushered into this century with a full overhaul that didn't forsake its old soul. (See the pine flooring, pocket doors and metalwork in the windows). The funky spaces converted to bedrooms or play-spaces recall Tom Petty's visual take on "Alice in Wonderland." On the downside, we're guessing it ain't cheap to heat/cool this classic, and at $649,900 it's not cheap to buy either. But if the devil's in the details, the glory is, too.
· 553 Seal Place [Estately]