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Official: Edgewood Bridge Redo On Time, Bike Lanes A-Comin'

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Behind the scenes, work on the Yellow Brick Road Beltline is barreling ahead in preparation for what should be a noteworthy 2014. The Atlanta INtown newspaper caught up with Beltline brass for an always-delicious update on future expansion plans. The first step — reconstructing the decrepit Edgewood Bridge — is still on pace to wrap in the spring, despite a soggy 2013 and problems with workers running into utilities on the site (a typical Atlanta dilemma). Once the bridge opens, Beltline enthusiasts can expect to see more construction activity extending the paved trail from Irwin Street to DeKalb Avenue.

As the bridge project wraps, expect to see marked bike lanes, medians and a staggered parking strategy incorporated on Wylie Street through Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown. Until Beltline officials figure out the most feasible/environmental method to get the trail past the bustling Hulsey rail yard, expect the trail to duck through the Krog Street Tunnel, where improvements are pending for guardrails and lighting.

If you're having trouble envisioning these places, have a gander at this photo guide we put together a few weeks ago. Here's hoping for a day in the next couple of years when walking/jogging/biking safely and efficiently from Piedmont Park to Glenwood Park is a reality.

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