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Massive Peachtree Penthouse Slashed To 'Only' $7M

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This multi-million dollar penthouse in one of Atlanta's most prestigious high-rises must be getting lonely. It's a 7,525 square-foot study in '90s post-modernism — and, more interestingly, un-sell-ability. A current listing has the condo in the 2500 Peachtree building priced at "only" $7 million, and it doesn't take a Georgia Tech undergrad to figure out that's a huge drop from the original figure of $9.95 million. Because no unit number is included in listing, it's hard to say if anyone of note (other than, you know, a filthy rich person) put this one on the market. However, a search did uncover one hilarious "Alias" in the building.

The 2500 Peachtree building (on Peachtree ROAD, where Lindbergh Drive dead ends), is full of interesting stories. The other penthouse was featured here in June as the priciest rental in the entire ATL at $15K a month. The description we used back then: "If Julius Caesar was a Southern metrosexual with a penchant for Israeli marble, he'd probably live here." There are also rumors that occasional Atlantan Elton John has a place here (the aforementioned penthouse, perhaps? It's common knowledge that Sir Elton has owned a sprawling penthouse down the street, as Matt Lauer proved in this hard-hitting expose.) According to property records, somebody named Fred Alias owns a unit in this building as well; surely whatever uncreative soul that came up with that is someone interesting.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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