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During Destruction, Dante's Down The Hatch Is Mourned

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A passerby who happens to be a Curbed reader reports that the actual razing of Dante's Down the Hatch — an Atlanta landmark and fondue institution — is in full swing. "That house is a pile of rubble now, and the Dante's building looks like it will be gone by the weekend," he writes. "Sad." Other Atlantans might say ? c'est la vie. Pictured here is Dante's replacement, the 3380 Peachtree apartments, a nine-floor midrise with 219 apartments.

WSB-TV reported destruction at the key parcel began last weekend, after a wrangler removed a 7-foot crocodile named Jerry from the former ship-themed restaurant. The landmark's longtime owner, the always-colorful Dante Stephenson, told the news station he's considering becoming a full-time treasure hunter. His potential first booty: An 1800s paddlewheeler that sank in the Alabama River — with a cache of gold inside. Said Stephensen: "I'm the only living person who knows where that is."
[ABOVE: Dante's replacement, the 3380 Peachtree apartments. Rendering: wdanielanderson]