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Entire Old 4th Ward Block For Sale. What Should Go Here?

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Not far from Ponce City Market — the mothership of adaptive reuse projects — sits this 1.55-acre parcel in the Old Fourth Ward. The entire city block is for sale, and that includes this beautiful brick structure at 345 Glen Iris Drive, the current home of a film prop company. This place oozes potential. The Internet isn't exactly awash in background information, but a curious O4W resident recently shared some research.

In the 1930s and 50s, this property could have been a Creomulsion cough syrup factory. With the "for sale" sign came fears among neighbors that the building could be razed in favor of a new apartment build, like those popping up en masse near Historic Fourth Ward Park, which sits a couple of block away.

We have yet to find details on the asking price for the property. In the immediate vicinity are plenty of revitalized homes, freshly constructed Craftsmans and contemporaries, an empty lot and several sketchy apartment complexes. We think the archways and columns of this building alone merit trying to save the whole thing, maybe incorporating some different use for the backside of the block. If you've got a different vision for this key piece of a burgeoning neighborhood, please share in the comments. Ditto with any background details.

Ponce City Market

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